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  • As Instagram Hides Like, Young Users are Switching to Business Accounts, Exposing Personal Data Article by Andrew Hutchinson via Social Media Today
    • Earlier this year, Instagram started hiding the number of likes on content for some users.
    • They did this with the intent to increase user wellbeing.
    • In a recent Interview with Gayle King on CBS News, Instagram chief Adam Mosseri explained that: “We don’t want Instagram to be such a competition. We want it to be a place where people spend more of their energy connecting with the people that they love and the things that they care about.”
    • Users can still view the total number of likes on their content, however, it is not publicly displayed.
    • This test has already begun in Canada and will be expanding to an additional six regions including: Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Italy, Japan, and New Zealand.
    • As Instagram continues to rollout and expand this initiative, research has shown that younger users are converting their personal profiles into business accounts so they can access more data on the performance of their content as well as their audience.
    • Studies have shown that this can be harmful for the younger users on the platform since having a business profile requires the public display of an email address and/or a phone number.
    • According to researcher, David Stier, around two million 12-15-year-old users have already switched to a business profile. This means that they have publicly listed their personal contact information onto their profiles, causing a significant privacy issue.
    • Stier noted that this could be avoided by masking emails and phone numbers on the platform, however, that solution could cause a negative impact on actual businesses on Instagram.
    • It makes sense for users to look for alternative methods of tracking their metrics if Instagram continues to change their reporting options.
    • Even with the test underway, users can still access their personal insights so you can still view total like counts.
    • Regardless of how Instagram updates their platform, the number of minors sharing their contact details is still an issue. Instagram needs to find a solution to this problem and fast!

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This week’s Influencer Guest is Ben Zoldan, Co-founder of Storyleaders, LLC. Storyleaders works with forward-thinking executives from companies like Salesforce, Oracle, and HP Enterprise to create an “all-in” company culture where people naturally take initiative, work together, and strive to build long-term client loyalty, resulting in accelerated sales and revenue.

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