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  • LinkedIn Publishes New Guide on How B2B Brands Can make Best Use of Video Article by Andrew Hutchinson [source =]
    • Since January, LinkedIn content has become more reliant on visuals – specifically video – so LinkedIn has published a new guide to help B2B brands adapt to this change.
    • In the guide, LinkedIn explains that B2B brands tend to shy away from video content, or they do not see a beneficial way to utilize it.
    • Many people have this idea that all video on social media has to be funny or dramatic and have a Hollywood-style production budget.
    • In order to encourage more B2B brands to use video content, they have provided the key elements as well as watchable examples of effective video marketing strategies.
    • LinkedIn has created a step-by-step list on the development and creation process.
    • They have also helpfully outlined all of the data that is available on video content. This helps with planning subsequent videos and determine the effectiveness of your efforts.
    • Keep in mind that LinkedIn users are 20x more likely to share a video than any other type of content on the professional social media platform.
    • As of March 2018, LinkedIn has also added Sponsored Video for Company Pages. Read more on that here.

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  • Streaming on Social 

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  • Cait Hassett & Jackson DeLisle “Social Streaming Your Influence”

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