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During this course, we will uncover the best practices and understand how each social network works, the features and functions that can help strengthen your business, attract new customers, drive repeat business, and build a digital footprint that will help engage with a larger audience.

  • Community building and relationship building, fueled by generating discussion
  • Brand awareness & discovery (mainly if you’re using social ads)
  • Announce new products and business developments to your enthusiastic audience
  • Promote events and increase both registration and attendance
  • Boosting site traffic as a result of referral clicks
  • Driving leads and sales
  • Providing value to your audience and establishing your expertise in your field


About Monica Hacker

As the Digital Marketing Department Director at Forward Progress, Monica uses her experience and creativity across many functions, including sales, B2B partnerships, experiential marketing, event planning, social media strategy, and influencer marketing to identify and develop new business opportunities. Monica also has experience in Brand Management for high-end retail brands and event planning in industries such as finance, banking, mortgage and real estate.

About Jackson DeLisle

Jackson DeLisle leads his production team to provide digital influencer marketing solutions over the past 9 years. In 2012, Forward Progress launched a Social “Influencer Development” Education platform known as Social Jack™, and they have successfully trained over 120,000 professionals on Social Selling and B2B Influencer Marketing. When he is not producing podcasts, webinars, and live streams, Jackson is a Chicago-based Comedian and Improvisor and alumni of The Second City and iO (formerly Improv Olympic).