Social Selling 101FT – Foundation/LinkedIn Beginner Fast Track

In this LinkedIn Beginner Class, you will learn how to build a new profile and to optimize settings for search results. Everyone has different circumstances based on their line of work, we will help you understand the newest settings and how to optimize them to achieve your goals.

Instructions: Download your course materials, watch video & complete your assignments.


ROI Calculator

Social Selling FT 101 – Slide Deck PDF

Assignment Tracker Worksheet

Business Keywords Worksheet

LinkedIn Profile Intake Form


During the session we will cover the following topics:

  • Business Influencer Basics
  • Setting Your Goals and Targets on LinkedIn
  • Building Your LinkedIn Profile
  • Owning Your Personal Brand
  • Building Your Team
  • Activating Your Team

Watch the Recording:


  1. Log in to Social Jack (welcome!) and set up your profile
  2. Understand your network
  3. Know your target customer/partner
  4. Define your keywords
  5. Update your LinkedIn Profile Settings

To support your learning, we recommend that you take our e-learning classes.

Remember, if you have questions about your assignments or any of the Social Jack materials you can contact our Helpdesk.