Social Selling 201FT – Building Your Ideal Network (Social Team)

In this Social Jack Orientation Class, you will get an in-depth look at Network Science. Network Science was developed by the U.S. Army and is used here to reach your targets and goals by building a targeted intentional network of connections. We will explain more regarding your ID40 Team building process and how you can tap into this network to reach your goals through Relationship Marketing and Social Selling.

Instructions:  Download your course materials, watch video and complete assignments.


ROI Calculator

Social Selling FT 201 – Slide Deck PDF

Assignment Tracker Worksheet

Download Business Keywords Worksheet

TOP ID40 BLANK Worksheet

LinkedIn Profile Intake Form 2019

Watch the class recording:


  1. Complete all previous assignments
  2. Add Ideal Contacts to LinkedIn™
  3. Build your ID 40 Team (45 Minutes)
  4. Score your ID 40 Team (30 Minutes)
  5. Block time in your calendar

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Remember, if you have questions about your assignments or any of the Social Jack materials you can contact our Helpdesk.


Updated: 10/22/2019 during the LinkedIn “Sales Accelerator” Program