Social Selling 301FT – LinkedIn Advanced Sales Techniques

In this LinkedIn Advanced Sales Class, you will learn how to take your sales goals and map out a game plan within LinkedIn to work for you within 20 minutes a day. You will also learn how to setup a powerful week to work less and gain more in your sales efforts.

  • Learn LinkedIn™ onlines sales skills
  • Identify new prospects beyond your assigned accounts
  • Pre-call research for existing and new prospects
  • Level one communication SEI (Social and Emotional Intelligence)

Instructions: Download your course materials, watch video, complete assignments.


ROI Calculator Social Selling – Small Cycle

ROI Calculator – Social Selling – B2B Large Cycle

Assignment Tracker Worksheet

Keyword Planner

TOP ID40 BLANK Worksheet

TOP ID40 Sample Worksheet – Social Jack Score

Social Jack Professional Game Plan 30 Day

Social Jack – Example of Engaging Content

Social Jack – Online Appointment Setting Sales Language

Social Selling 301FT – Course Slides

Watch the Recording

Updated: 10/29/2019 during the LinkedIn “Sales Accelerator” Program