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How to choose a quality VPS hosting.

When switching to VPS, you should pay attention to a few points.


1 – VPS can be managed and unmanaged. In the first case, the hosting provider takes over hosting management, the hosting staff themselves put on it the necessary software and maintainers. For unmanaged VPS, you will have to independently install the control panel, monitoring systems, monitor performance. That is, you need to have the server administration skills yourself, or hire an administrator.

2- Windows or Linux (Unix). Most hosters offer a choice between these operating systems. Windows is usually more expensive since Linux is the open source operating system and is distributed free of charge. In most cases, a VPS with Linux installed will be a more reasonable choice. It is easily managed and has the support of most applications.

There are cases when Windows Based hosting is the only possible choice. For example, when a project is written in ASP.NET.


3 – You need to take care of an acceptable configuration of a dedicated server – The number of processor cores, RAM, the size of the hard disk. Also, it is desirable that the physical server be powerful enough from a reputable manufacturer.


Also an important is the remoteness of the server, the cost of renting it, the possibility of acquiring additional IP addresses, the location of the physical server.


Summarizing, we can say that VPS can satisfy the needs of the site owner for a  long time, mainly due to the possibility of increasing productivity. When the project becomes large, it will be possible to think about buying a physical server.