Exclusive Offer: 1 Year Business Influencer Development Program


Includes Everything Below:

  • Influencer Development Course

If you are looking to accelerate your personal brand, thoughts leadership, and get recognized and found by targeted business opportunities, then you want to take this course!

  • Social Selling Course

As a special bonus you will forever start that “Referral Machine” with our Social Selling Course, used by over 100k professionals around the world, it has become the global standard for increased sales on LinkedIn.

  • How to Rock your Personal Brand

This is an easy to follow and fun class that you will want to take with colleagues, friends and maybe even family. This is what Dean has taught hundreds of times and now you have access to the digital version!

  • Online Coaching Support

Never operate alone, you can always have online coaching support, just click the support button in the Social Jack Platform and let your coaches know what you need, anything!

  • Two additional Live Premium Courses of your Choice

Throughout the year we hold classes all over the country and online, you see one you want you get that at a deep discount or for free. Come on and see us in person, we love that!

Normally $997

Bob Clark Dammit says it’s going to be just $697