Whether you work for an organization or you’re building one, being a LinkedIn Business Influencer is critical to developing new business. Most professionals spend endless hours hunting for new business, but the key is to get found first in your network. As you attempt to get you or your brand known, there is a lot of noise that can get in the way of you and your ideal target clients actually finding you in their search. With a plan and a few key steps, we show you how to get started and more importantly “Get Found FIRST”!

Each and every one of you have a level of Influence, whether you use it to your advantage or not. In this class, we will teach you our proven 8-step system to help you build a great personal brand, powerful network and reach your business success goals. We teach you the same system that thousands of others have used to generate executive presence, increase sales, advance their career, and more.

Join this exclusive online workshop where we show you how to have fun and get started to become a LinkedIn Business Influencer in your professional world.

Instructions: Download your course materials, watch the recording and complete assignments.


2019 Assignment Tracker Worksheet

Social Jack Business Keywords Worksheet

2019 Influencer Development Intake Form 2019

LinkedIn Profile Intake Form 2018

Social Jack Professional 30-Day Game Plan

Socal Jack ID40 Team Build Worksheet (BLANK)


Watch the Recording:

In this 2-hour session, we discussed:

  • Growing a Powerful Network
  • Sourcing High-yielding Content
  • Posting Your Own Successful Content
  • Announcing Yourself to the World
  • 20 Minutes a Day to Success
  • Measure Your Success and Keep Going
  • Access to Social Jack Support Systems


  • Personal Branding/Story/ Profiles
  • Network/Team Building
  • Social Selling/Engagement
  • Adding Ideal Connections
  • Exchange Referrals 2-4x Daily!
  • Measure Results!
  • Celebrate!