April 5th Recording — Social Jack TV™  Episode 04 – “Leverage LinkedIn to Accelerate Your Career” with Dan Rust


Our 4th Episode on Social Jack TV!

Building on topics discussed in his new book “Workplace Poker,” Dan Rust will provide real world examples and proven techniques to boost your career trajectory by leveraging the power of LinkedIn. He will also discuss other career boosting strategies from his book. He will focus on enhancing your personal brand and promote-ability in your current job while also increasing your credibility with prospective employers and improving the likelihood that you will win the battle for the best jobs.

In this session, you will learn:

• How to identify “blind spots” and understand how they’ve been holding you back •
• How to read people, assess corporate culture, and use the insight to boost your career trajectory •
• How to develop a social media strategy for career acceleration •
• The most common career-limiting errors made on social media •
• How to recover quickly from career setbacks •