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  • 12 Social Media Trends That Will Impact Your Business in 2019 [Infographic]
    • The Next Age of Data:
      • Big Data Big Issues – Brands will focus on the right data and data transparency
      • $KY HIGH ROI – Concentrating more on ROI will drive up Social & PR Budgets
    • The Technology Revelation:
      • AI for Everyone – Comms will embrace artificial intelligence (AI).
      • Don’t Cross The Streams – Streaming will change the marketing landscape in 2019
    • The Self-Adoration Society:
      • Big Little Ideas – Micro Influencers and entrepreneurs will take over in 2019
      • Generation Instagram – Gen Z will change how we market.
      • Doing it on Purpose! – How brand purpose and Social Activism will be key in 2019

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  • Social Media Predictions for 2019

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