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  • The Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends that Business Owners Should Follow [Infographic] Article by Irfan Ahmad [source =]
    • In a constantly growing digital world, we are always looking for different ways to boost digital marketing efforts.
    • The Infographic in this article comes from Serpwatch and it outlines key statistics and trends across all of the main digital marketing platforms.
    • SEO: The number one most important technique in digital marketing is getting to the first page of Google.
    • 94% of total organic traffic comes from Google.
    • 75% of people never scroll past the first page of results
    • 80% of people ignore paid search results and only select from organic listings
    • Organic Search: The average Google first page results contain upwards of 1,890 words. This proves that detailed content performs better.
    • Over 40% of business revenue comes from organic website traffic.
    • The top 5 search results for a keyword on Google get 70% of the clicks.
    • Search engines drive 300% more traffic to websites than social media.
    • Facebook: Blog posts longer than 1,500 words receive 22.6% more likes on Facebook.
    • 75-90% of ad effectiveness comes from relevant images. The most effective length for an ad title of Facebook is 4 words, and 15 words for a link description.
    • The best time to post any content on Facebook is Monday through Friday between 1pm-3pm.
    • Twitter: Blog posts longer than 1,500 words receive 68.1% more tweets.
    • Tweets with videos get 6 times as many retweets at tweets with photos.
    • Instagram: The best times to post on Instagram during the week is 5pm or 2am.
    • Instagram photos that include faces get 38% more likes than photos that do not include a face in it.
    • LinkedIn: 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn as opposed to 13% on Twitter and 7% on Facebook.
    • LinkedIn generates 3x more conversion than other platforms such as Twitter & Facebook.
    • LinkedIn has a perfect Domain Rating of 100. This means that Google loves them.

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