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  • 8 Steps to a More Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy [Infographic] Article by Andrew Hutchinson [source =]
    • Even though social media is constantly changing and evolving, the fundamental building blocks of an effective strategy remain the same.
    • This infographic was provided by Plexxie
    • Step 1) Set 3 S.M.A.R.T. Goals: These are goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound. (i.e. Get 100 subscribers in the next 30-days.)
    • Step 2) Learn Your Audience: Know your audience by gathering proven data using tools to track your audience’s interests.
    • Step 3) Research The Competition: Conduct a competitive analysis to understand who the competition is as well as to see their strengths and weaknesses. Once identified, you can replicate their strengths within your strategy.
    • Step 4) Conduct a Social Media Audit: Take time to look at your social media accounts and decide what is working and what isn’t. Once you have decided what is working, you can put more efforts behind those methods.
    • Step 5) Set Up Accounts and Improve Existing Profiles: Determine which platforms are best for you and your brand (i.e. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.). Once you have created an account on those platforms, make sure to review your profiles to make sure you are consistent across all platforms.
    • Step 6) Find Inspiration: Use other businesses with great social media presences for inspiration. This will help you to decide what content performs best as well as the verbiage that delivers best to your audience
    • Step 7) Create a Social Media Content Calendar: Create a schedule of what dates and times you will post specific content. This will help create consistency on your social channels, so your audience knows when to expect new content.
    • Step 8) Test, Evaluate, Adjust: Track data from your posts using tools like Hootsuite. This will help to break down where you are performing best and where you could use some improvements on social.
    • Repeat step 8 until you find what works best and have reached your goals.

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  • The Power of Your Voice

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