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  • New Study Looks at Rising Facebook Video Trends, Based on 9 Million Uploads Article by Andrew Hutchinson [source = Social Media Today]
    • As we recently discussed on the Influencer News Update, the use of stories and the emergence of vertical video.
    • According to the report, vertical video is now the most used video format on Facebook. This could make it a more significant consideration for marketers based on shifting consumer habits and expectations.
    • More users viewing more content in vertical format means more acceptance of the option and potentially more expectation of the same.
    • Instagram TV is also optimized for vertical video, and recently announced support for landscape videos as well. However, that has nothing to do with the popularity of vertical videos.
    • Vertical videos have been generating more engagement on Facebook and engagement is key to maximizing your Facebook performance.
    • Something to keep in mind when posting video on Facebook, video length is less relevant.
    • People don’t mind watching a 10-15-minute video as long as it is relevant and quality content.
    • The ideal video length is not something that should be determined by a predetermined target. The length of the video should be determined by the content.
    • Live-streams still see higher engagement than uploaded videos, because people can respond and interact in real time.
    • If you’re looking to maximize your video efforts, or considering adding video into your content mix, its definitely worth taking note of these trends, and factoring them into your thinking

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