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  • 10 Reasons Why Your Instagram Audience Isn’t Growing
    • People do not engage with their audiences.
      • What to do: Post content that will spark a conversation, and respond to comments on your post(s)
    • Inconsistent Posting Schedule
      • What to do: Plan out your content calendar and make sure to post regularly on the platform.  Posting more frequently generally results in more engagement.
    • No interaction with other accounts
      • What to do: Connect and build your relationships with other influencers and accounts. Stop living in a bubble – the best way to grow your account is to grow the relationships you have with others.
  • Facebook Will Now Allow Pages to Join Facebook Groups
    • Facebook is now allowing some pages to join Facebook groups. This will allow them to comment and interact with the other members as a business page.
    • Facebook decided to do this in order to allow business pages to engage with users in order to build relationships as well as brand awareness.
    • Facebook Marketing expert, Mari Smith, said that this new feature might make up for the decreased reach of business pages after the recent algorithm updates.

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  • Social Teaming

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