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  • What do the Latest Social Media Algorithm Updates Mean for Small Businesses?
    • Changes in the way that users present content
    • On-site and in-app content is favored within the algorithms which help determine which updates to show users
    • This will be a great opportunity for creative marketers to differentiate themselves with on-site and in-app content as opposed to posts containing external links
  • Facebook’s Changing the Way Page Reach is Displayed, Which Could See Your Numbers Drop
    • The change is only in their reporting process, it won’t actually reduce reach itself
    • On Monday, Facebook updated how they measure “organic reach” of pages to be more consistent with the way they calculate reach for ads.
    • Facebook is not necessarily going to hinder your page’s reach statistics, they are going to make them “more accurate”… However, you might still see a drop.

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  • Building Your Personal Brand – Keyword Secrets

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  • Jon Ferrara
    • Using Social Selling to Improve Online Relationships

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