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Latest Influencer News:

  • YouTube Adds New Live-Streaming Tools, Including Monetization Options
    • Combating with Facebook live by not only watching live replays but watch the replay of the live-chat as it happened. Makes it easier to follow the conversation even after the live video has ended.
    • YouTube is also updating their English automatic captioning to live streams. Makes it a quick and inexpensive way to make videos accessible to viewers and gives them a broader range of options.
    • Also adding geographic tags to improve live-stream discovery. Creators can add location tags and that tag can enable viewers to find other videos from the same location.
  • Three Things You Must Do On LinkedIn At Least Once A Month
    • Export your connections list monthly to protect your current connections so you can always have access to them and keep them in one place.
    • Keep a copy of your latest profile so you have access to your latest version of your profile when you update elements to your profile as your career grows and changes. This gives you a backup to fall back on if you need it.
    • Review and cull endorsements so you don’t seem as a “jack-of-all trades” and are seen as a clear expert in a focused field. Your skills should set you apart from other profiles so make sure your most important ones should be the ones that make you unique and one-of-a-kind.

Influencer Development Lesson:

  • Sourcing High-Yield Content – Attaching to Influencers

Special Influencer Guest:

  • Melissa G. Wilson – “Publishing Your Influence”

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