During the session, we covered the following:

News Topics:

  • Tips for Facebook LIVE Broadcasting:
    • Promote – Let your networks know that you plan to do something LIVE
    • Practice  – Review your video by doing a private LIVE broadcast
    • Be Personable – Authenticity, Smile, Introduce yourself, etc…
    • Optimize Video afterwards – Comment, Add Thumbnails, and Data
    • Utilize Live Video Metrics that Facebook provides
  • Periscope Responds to Facebook Live:
    • New broadcast searching functionality
    • Now allows videos to be saved after 24 hours
    • Offering added support for GoPro and Drone cameras
  • Youtube 6-second bumper ads:
    • Ads are not skippable
    • Fit within the average attention spans of internet users
    • Half of 18-49 year old users turn to mobile devices first for video

Lessons of the Week:

1).  Snackable Content:

  • Average Attention span of Internet user is 9 seconds
  • Drive audiences to Larger content at the Destination
  • Content Marketing and The Consumer Journey

2).  Content Slicing Rules:

  • Break larger blogs and content into usable smaller pieces
  • Value first posting
  • Know your targets
  • Get more out of your content
Content from the session:

Featured Slides from the curriculum:


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