March 29th Recording — Social Jack TV™  Episode 03 – “Double Your Refferals in 4 Clicks” with Dean DeLisle


Our 3rd Episode on Social Jack TV!

  • Hosted by Paul Tadalan and Sponsored by Forward

How are you doing online with social media, do you feel like you are working alone to produce the results you need?

In today’s world of social media marketing, with so many options, it becomes overwhelming to attract and manage them with just one person or even one department. How can we do more with less effort? Our coaching and training supports that with our Social Jack system, using Social Teaming. In this webinar we will address how to leverage those inside and outside your company for effective engagement, building relationships and hosting a strong community.

In this session you will learn how:
– The evolution of Social Teaming affects you
– To build an effective Social Team
– Scouting for new team members works
– Easy tips to start immediately to build your allies

Here are the slides for the session: