In this LinkedIn Advanced Sales Class, you will learn how to now use our proven Social Selling Track to produce sales results using LinkedIn less than 20 minutes a day. This will allow you to spend more time being in rapport with your network and have meaningful appointments with potential clients that turn into sales. You will be guided through your now very productive work week, Monday through Friday.

Instructions: Download your course materials, watch video and complete assignments.


ROI Calculator Social Selling – Small Cycle

ROI Calculator – Social Selling – B2B Large Cycle

Assignment Tracker Worksheet

Keyword Planner

TOP ID40 BLANK Worksheet

TOP ID40 Sample Worksheet – Social Jack Score

Social Jack Professional Game Plan 30 Day

Social Jack – Example of Engaging Content

Social Jack – Online Appointment Setting Sales Language

ABB – Social Selling FT 302 – Course Slide Deck

Watch the class recording: