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  • 8 Social Media Tactics to Help Your Business Dominate in 2019 [Infographic]
    • Social Listening
      • Social listening tools are becoming more and more necessary for marketers.
      • These tools will help you to monitor what is being said about brands all across social media.
    • Micro-Influencers
      • Influencers have really made an impact in 2018
      • However, larger Influencers are starting to lose their appeal and potency.
      • Smaller Influencers, or Micro-Influencers, who have less than 10 thousand followers, have more value when reaching a niche demographic.
    • Streaming Video
      • In the past few years, the buzz around streaming video has grown tremendously.
      • It has come to be a major source of news and entertainment for users.
      • Live videos give the viewer a sense of being closer to the people recording it.
      • It also allows for exciting surprises and even unexpected moments. This makes it a great way to humanize your brand.

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  • Transitioning Your Network

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