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What is discussed?

This session will address the rapidly changing online environment of Social Media and the constant challenge to keep banking institutions and employees within the bounds of compliance while working to be engaged and competitive.

There will be in-depth coverage of how the world of banks and social media has changed. Banks who choose to empower their employees, partners and customers are really humanizing their brand with a new level of advocacy. This creates a more approachable institution which attracts customers back and invites in new prospects who feel connected and want to know more. This session will cover the steps used to implement this change and some relevant community bank case studies.

How the audience will benefit

The audience will be informed about how leaders are making cultural shifts to provide their bank with a new competitive, yet protective edge. Banks who are looking to begin the necessary shifts of communication for a rapidly changing online world will appreciate this session.

  • Learn about a more compliant friendly social media process.
  • Leave with specific 7 action steps to take – and where to start.
  • Why being authentic and ethical online generates more business.
  • Hear a relevant case study of how a community bank has overtaken the competition

About Dean DeLisle

Dean DeLisle, Founder and CEO of Forward Progress, will discuss how banks who take the time to empower their employees, partners, and customers ultimately humanize their brand, resulting in an organization that people are drawn to. By adding a touch of “human connection” to your bank, according to DeLisle, you create a connection that will provide much more than a regular ad and at a lower cost.

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