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What is discussed?

Interested in learning how to rock your brand and attract targeted Instagram followers for your business? In this class, social media coaches Dean DeLisle, Jackson DeLisle and Monica Hacker will show you how to create a content strategy and use Instagram’s various features to enhance your brand’s social media presence and grow customer engagement.

Equip yourself with the tools from the best who helped thousands of professionals elevate their personal brand and increase their Influence online. Dean DeLisle, the founder and CEO of Social Jack™, and his team have put together a quick, easy-to follow recipe to get you on the right track that enhances your online personal brand and builds your Influence so that YOU are chosen for better, professional opportunities.

What you will learn:

  • Personal Brand Building Tips
  • Learn How to Get Found FIRST!
  • Top Power Moves for Instagram
  • Next Actionable Steps

Meet the Team

About Dean DeLisle

Dean DeLisle, Founder and CEO of Forward Progress, will discuss how banks who take the time to empower their employees, partners, and customers ultimately humanize their brand, resulting in an organization that people are drawn to. By adding a touch of “human connection” to your bank, according to DeLisle, you create a connection that will provide much more than a regular ad and at a lower cost.

About Jackson DeLisle

Jackson has always been a production-enthusiast – with a passion for digital marketing stemming from childhood, he made it a priority to leverage and improve video strategies for his clients. For over 7 years, he has demonstrated the ability to effectively coach clients on building and maintaining their Influence on social media, as well as oversee the production of Social Jack’s live Influencer streaming programs such as monthly Flash Classes, webinars, and the weekly webcast/podcast, Influence Factory, which he was an integral part of creating.

About Monica Hacker

As Monica starts a new chapter in Chicago, she is using her experience and creativity across many functions including Events Planning, B2B Partnerships, Experiential Marketing, Social Strategy, and Influencer Marketing to identify and develop new business opportunities. She is currently the Influencer Development Marketing Manager at Social Jack and Forward Progress. Her past career experience includes Taylor Vintage Lifestyle Brand, where she developed a deep understanding of client culture and built/maintained strong relationships that brought long-term business, and two freelance projects with Chicago Scene and H.Wood Group, building a vast network and have continued to grow and develop knowledge in these industries.

About Us!

About Social Jack™

The Social Jack™ Team has successfully coached and trained over 120,000 professionals on Influencer Development, Social Selling, and B2B Influencer Marketing. Through their educational resources and services, they’ve helped thousands of individuals unlock their Influence and distinguish their digital presence.