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  • 9 Types of Content to Stop Posting on Social Media   Article by Aaron Agius via Social Media Today
    • Content is KING, except when it is bad content.
    • When you post bad content, you run the risk of overshadowing all the work that has been put into good content and your overall presence.
    • Over Promotional content: some brands use their social presence to broadcast their “sell, sell, sell” mindset rather than worrying about the most important aspect, the person they are trying to sell to.
    • Instead of “sell, sell, sell” it might be in your best interest to consider the “5-3-2 rule” which states
      • For every 10 posts you publish:
        • 5 should be curation – sharing others’ content
        • 3 should be creation – relevant content you’ve produced yourself
        • 2 should be humanization – personal, fun, and relaxed content that humanizes your brand.
    • Political or Religious content: Religion and Politics are two areas that people feel very strongly about.
    • Whenever you post content that deals in either religion or politics, it is unlikely that you connect with your entire audience.
    • Unless you are a political or religious organization.
    • Irrelevant Viral Posts: sometimes it seems tempting to sharing the latest viral post, but odds are your audience has already seen it.
    • Reposting irrelevant viral content can essentially dumb-down the rest of your activity.
    • Instead, make sure to plan your content out ahead of time in order to keep it relevant to your audience.
    • Negative or Derogatory Content: There is a time and place to voice your concerns about clients or competitors and it is not on social.
    • If a client is complaining on social try being polite and respectful in order to take it offline and resolve the issue.
    • Posts with spelling or grammatical errors: when you post content with spelling or grammatical errors, it tells your audience that you did not care enough about this post in order to take the time to proof it.
    • Brand-inconsistent Content: make sure to stay true to your brand personas.
    • Think about what they would be saying or how they would be saying it.
    • DO NOT POST HASHTAG STUFFED CONTENT – hashtags will not work the way you want them to if you are adding 20 to each post.
    • Make sure hashtags are relevant to the content you are sharing and not just hashtagging every other word.

About the Influencer Guest(s):

This week’s Influencer Guest, Joe Karns, sits down with Dean DeLisle to discuss the importance of Influencer Marketing and Analytics are to get to the top of Google in 2019. 

For the past 15 years, Joe has been passionate about helping clients build “Community” for the purpose of retention and a long term resource of referrals. Now with the recent power of the Internet and Social Networks he can help them take it to the next level. It’s really an exciting time as he is able to help clients leverage the power of the internet to build their businesses. 

Joe has recently been working on developing an Identity Resolution program for our clients at Social Jack. For more information on how that works, please check out episode 73.

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