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  • 4 Steps for Creating a Solid Social Media Strategy [Infographic] Article by Gaurav Sharma [source = Social Media Today]
    • The First step to developing a solid social media strategy is Defining Your Goals
    • You need to decide what you want to do. (Increase your reach, Increase number of leads, Improve your revenues, or Drive more traffic to your website)
    • It is very important to define your target audience before you start planning your Social Media Strategy
    • You will want to break it down by their demographics, locations, and interests.
    • Then, try to find their pain points so that you can show them how your product or service can help them in that area.
    • Once you have determined your audience, it is time to decide which Social Media platforms your target audience lives on.
    • Ideally, you will want to find the Top 1-2 social media platforms
    • Then you will want to ensure that your presence is felt on those platforms. This means posting on a regular basis.
    • You should also cater your content to fit in their feed. If it does not fit or feels too forced then you will definitely see a drop in engagement.
    • Finally, you will want to Audit Your Performance.
    • Once you have been posting regularly, you should look at what types of content are working and what types are not.
    • You should also be able to find out the times in which your audience is the most active.
    • Lastly, it would not hurt to reference your performance against your competition.

About the Influencer Guest(s):

This week’s Influencer Guest, Daliah Saper is the Principal Attorney at Saper Law. Saper Law is an intellectual property, social media, entertainment, and business law firm with headline grabbing clients and cases. We’re best known for our expertise in handling business contract negotiations, drafting complex software, domain name, trademark, and copyright licensing agreements, drafting sweepstakes and contest rules, organizing new LLCs or Corporations, and generally serving as outside “inside” counsel to many creative individuals and innovative business organizations.

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