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  • YouTube Adds New Comment Filters in YouTube Studio Article by Andrew Hutchinson [source = Social Media Today]
    • YouTube has announced its newest addition to the ‘YouTube Studio’. They have added a NEW Comment Filter!
    • For those of you who manage a YouTube page, you know how overwhelming it can be to see every single comment come in on your page.
    • You have comments ranging from your surface level (ex “Love this video”), to more in-depth (ex. Comments containing actual questions).
    • This NEW feature allows you to filter through all of the comments coming through so that you can save time by responding to the most important ones first!
    • YouTube explained:
      • “Comments can be a powerful way for you to continue the conversation from your videos and build a community with your audience. Over the past two years, we’ve introduced a number of new ways to help you manage conversations within your community including creator hearts, comment pinning, and a new setting to hold potentially inappropriate comments for review. Today, we’re launching new comment search filters in YouTube Studio. This is the top feature request we get from creators, and we hope it makes it easier to find and respond to the comments that are most important to you.”
    • You will now be able to filter the comments by the following categories:
      • Response Status – Have I already responded to this comment?
      • Contains Questions – Does the comment contain questions?
      • Subscriber Count – Does the commenter have at least 1K/10K/100K/1M/10M subscribers?
      • Subscriber Status – Is the commenter publicly subscribed to me?
      • Member Status – Is the commenter a member?
    • This new feature has some interesting options that allow you to find the most meaningful comments and queries that can help to drive more engagement based on their reply.
    • This feature will also be helping with the older issues that creators were facing with comment searches.
    • For Example, when you would search for the term “subs” the results would only show you comments that contained an exact match of what you searched for. Now, if you were to search “subs” you will see results for “subs/subscriber/subscribers”, going beyond the exact match.
    • This is an update catered directly to YouTube Creators that need to moderate comments by the hundreds or thousands.
    • I think we would all like to see an update like this for the other social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. This would help anyone who is in charge of moderating those brand channels.

About the Influencer Guest(s):

This week’s Influencer Guest, TRAV is the Founder of Flex Watches. He is an eCommerce and product expert with 10+ years of experience. TRAV has sold tens of millions of dollars in products directly to consumers and acquired hundreds of thousands of paying customers. He has also created licensed products and executed marketing campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the world such as; Disney, Star Wars, WWE, and Minions.

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