Convert LinkedIn Connections to Appointments

~5 Easy Messages~

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Webinar Description:

Like most of us, you have a ton of LinkedIn connections and get more every day correct? Well, we have been teaching folks for over a decade on how convert connections to appointments. So what should we say to new connections, and how are inbound requests different from outbound? We will show you best practices from our Social Selling course which has been taught now to professionals all over the world. We will also give you a sample sheet of other good starter conversions.

All registrants will get access to the recording and materials. All attendees will receive our new eBook, The Social Influencer Survival Guide and have an opportunity to win gift cards in our engagement drawing. (we like to have fun too! ????)

We Discussed: 

  • The Social Selling Game and evidence
  • What to say to new inbound connections
  • What to say to old inbound connections
  • The power of converting connections to appointments

Materials Discussed: 

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