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  • Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Addresses Possibility of an Edit Function at Event in India
    • Dorsey addressed the Pros and Cons of allowing people to edit tweets.
    • Many people want to edit tweets because they make mistakes such as misspelling words or sharing the wrong URL. That is not what Dorsey is worried about.
    • Dorsey said that the biggest issue with allowing people to edit tweets is that they would be able to edit any tweet that they had ever tweeted.
      • “Because what happens with that, if I say something, like, I tweet something that you agree with, and you retweet that, and then I edit my tweet to something that you disagree with, you’ve now retweeted something that you disagree with, and that is what we need to prevent.” – Jack Dorsey
    • In order to prevent what Dorsey is talking about, he went on to discuss providing a 5-minute editing window after you have sent the tweet.

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