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Influencer News Update:

    • #1 Google Keyword Planner – Keywords are an essential part of Digital Marketing. However, Keywords are useless unless you are using the correct ones. Google’s Keyword Planner is the best tool on the market in order to help you plan out which keywords you want to use with your content.
    • #2 Bannersnack – Bannersnack is “the original online banner maker” and it is one of many online digital ad-creating platforms. Bannersnack offers clean looking graphic templates to ensure visual appeal. You may also use Photoshop Express, Adobe Spark, Canva, and countless others. 
    • #3 Hubspot – Hubspot allows their users to create awesome landing pages, do intuitive keyword research for SEO, and generate ideas for interesting blogs. Hubspot also offers tons of great tools such as an email signature creator that includes a CTA button for your current ad campaigns.
    • #4 ActiveCampaign – ActiveCampaign is one of many e-mail marketing platforms such as ConstantContact, SendGrid, MailChimp, etc. Out of all of them, ActiveCampaign would be number one due to its highly comprehensive interface.
    • #5 SerpStat – SerpStat is similar to Google Keyword Planner with more features. This is a perfect addition to your digital marketing toolbelt if you are looking for a tool to contribute to the growth of your business.
    • #6 Buzzsumo – Buzzsumo is one of the greatest tools for when you are “running out of ideas”. This tool allows you to discover the various topics and trends that are making a “buzz” on different social media platforms.
    • #7 ManyChat – ManyChat is a FREE tool that allows you to create a multitude of Messenger bots that can be used for Sales, Marketing, and Support. This tool is completely FREE and easy to use and understand.
    • #8 Google Analytics – the Number 1 Data Analytics tool out there.
    • #9 Sprout Social – Sprout Social is a great tool that includes many great features all in one place.
    • #10 SLACK – Slack is not a marketing tool necessarily, however, it is the best team-collaboration tool out there.
    • #11 FEEDLY – This is a News Aggregation tool that shows articles from countless sites in various categories.
    • #12 Pingdom – Pingdom allows you to measure the speed of your website.
    • #13 Survey Anyplace – Survey Anyplace lets users conduct a survey to their customers with the help of visually-appealing elements. You can even ask interactive questions!
    • #14 Buffer – If social media is your focus, then Buffer is the tool for you. It can efficiently manage posts on the different Social Media Platforms.
    • #15 Bitly – Bitly is a tool that helps a lot when dealing with branding. The main function of this tool is to create a shorter link, however, it allows you to add some branding.

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