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Influencer News Update:

  • 10 Expert Tips to Improve Your Facebook Video Marketing | Article by Yam Regev [source =]
    • Limit your videos between 15 and 90 seconds in length.
    • Hook your viewers by getting straight to the point
    • Tell people why they should watch
    • Catch people’s eye with a great video thumbnail: the most engaging photo or graphic will always win
    • Vertical video outperforms square videos.
    • Buffer teamed up with Animoto to find out what video orientation performs the best on Facebook.
    • Although landscape videos can be used across all platforms, it turns out that vertical video performs best on Facebook.
    • Vertical videos perform better because they are mobile-friendly. If brands wish to be successful on social media, they will need to keep up with mobile-centric video trends.
    • Get your Facebook Business Page moving.
    • Introduce your brand, and the people within the brand, authentically. You can also show off your latest product, or use the time to promote an upcoming sale or event.
    • Caption your content. You can do this using Headliner or Handbrake.
    • Use a mix of various video types to keep things interesting. (Live video, Tutorial video, Informational video, BTS videos, UGC videos, etc.)
    • Promote and distribute your content for maximum impact.
    • Build a buzz around your Facebook Live event. If you have a video series, promote it like a TV show. Watch what TV show accounts do in order to build a buzz on social around their upcoming episode.
    • Finally, make sure to check your metrics. This is very important because it shows you which videos are performing the best. If you have a mix of video content, then it will show you which ones your audience likes the best.

Social Jack Power Move:

  • The Fear of Authenticity 

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  • Joseph Strazzeri, Esq.“Transparent and Authentic Influence”

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