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  • 12 Tips on How to Work with Social Platform Algorithms to Maximize Performance
    • All of the algorithm updates make it “increasingly difficult” for marketers and businesses to reach their audiences organically.
    • Facebook noted, in a privately held webinar, that the newest algorithm would prioritize content that:
      • ) Sparks engagement, such as…
      • Boosts engagement on publisher posts, Triggers Engagement between users within the comments (both on videos and publisher posts), or Is shared over Facebook Messenger to start a conversation with a group of friends
    • The Solution: The more that your posts spark engagement/inspire discussion, the more likely Facebook will be to consider them relevant or meaningful and prioritize them in feeds.
    • Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, it is safe to assume that the algorithm is pretty similar.
  • Do Facebook Page Likes Still Matter?
    • Only 5 years ago, marketing on Facebook began with the simple action of liking a Facebook Page. Since then, social media marketing has evolved into a much more complicated process.
    • Some of the metrics that were important then are no longer relevant today, especially considering that Facebook’s newest News Feed algorithm has tanked business pages’ organic reach.
    • One study that was conducted showed that only 1% of users who like a brand on Facebook actually visit that brands Facebook page. However, users spend the majority of the time in the news feed.
    • This article equates “banking on page likes to drive business results” to “being obsessed with a car that can’t take you anywhere”.

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