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  • YouTube Adds New Ad Extensions, Improved ‘Brand Lift’ Metrics
    • YouTube has announced some new tools that are designed to provide more capacity to improve response and measure ad performance.
    • YouTube Explained:
      • “Soon you’ll be able to make your video ads more actionable with a greater variety of ad extensions. Similar to extensions on Search ads, extensions on YouTube enhance your video ad with additional useful information – giving consumers more reasons to take action.”
    • You can already add extensions for information such as form and ‘location extensions’, which provide a simple, in-stream, way for ad viewers to get more information quickly.
    • Brand Lift aims to evaluate your YouTube ad performance better than ever before. This feature will allow you to data such as exactly who saw your ad content, and then cross-checks those names with response data.
  • 9 Reasons Why Your Website Might Not be Showing Up on Google [Infographic]
    • In short, here are the 9 reasons:
      • Cloaking, Spam, Spammy structured markup, “Free hosting”, User-generated spam, Keyword stuffing, Duplicate content, Doorway pages, Unnatural links.
    • Cloaking definition – The act of showing search engines one thing and showing your visitors something else.
    • ‘Free Hosting’ definition – THERE IS NO SUCH THING as free web hosting! Instead of whatever you were promised, you will get spammy ads and terrible service. Google is working to end the “free hosting” scam as a whole.
    • User-Generated Spam definition – Spam that is created by people or bots that leave comments linking back to a website on forums, comment boxes, and user profiles.
      • Solution: Make sure to go through and remove all user-generated spam, as well as manually moderate the content that appears on your website

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