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  • LinkedIn Updates Feed Algorithm to Generate More Engagement for Users
    • According to a new post on the LinkedIn Engineering blog, LinkedIn has tweaked their algorithm in order to increase engagement levels on each users’ post.
    • LinkedIn realized that the algorithm, prior to the update, had been heavily emphasizing content from top creators and ultimately lowering the engagement levels for the average user.
    • Statistics show that users that get 10+ likes on the content they share will be 17% more likely to post again the following week. LinkedIn is trying to increase that 17% by making it a more user-oriented platform.
  • Facebook Launches New Dashboard to Better Track Facebook Ad Performance
    • Facebook’s NEW Attribution dashboard is designed to provide more in-depth insight into how the various elements of your Facebook presence is performing.
    • You will also be able to use Pixel data in order to show how each aspect of your presence on Facebook is impacting your bottom line.
    • The NEW Attribution dashboard will also be able to provide insight into device usage versus conversion.
      • Example: 63% of conversions on mobile happened after people interacted with your ads on desktop.

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