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  • Google SEO Tips: 8 Steps to Optimize Your Google My Business Listing [Infographic] Article by Mark Walker-Ford via Social Media Today
    • This infographic from the team at Brafton will help you to improve your presence on Google, as well as increase the chances of your business being found via online searches. 
    • Google is all about SEO considering they are a search engine, why not give business owners and professionals the tools they need to succeed at improving their SEO. 
    • Google My Business (GMB) has become one of those very powerful tools that Google has provided us with. 
    • First things first, if you have not already set up your Google My Business, then that is going to be the first step. 
    • When creating a profile, make sure the address matches the one that USPS uses. They will send you a verification letter to confirm that they have the correct address. 
    • You will then need to allow Google to publicly display your company information. 
    • They will then ask you about your geographical radius in which your business serves wither electronically or physically. 
    • Then you will need to categorize your business from a provided list or creating a custom category. You are allowed to have a primary and secondary category as well. Total of 2
    • You should then write a short business description containing relevant keywords (under 750 characters) 
    • Once you have done that, gather all of the hi-res images and videos that best represent your company and upload them to your GMB. This will make your GMB more attention-grabbing. 
    • Please note that these images should belong to you and should not be stock images. These images and videos should be from your office, whether they are from past events you have had, images of the office front, or even candid employee photos. 
    • Next comes the verification, this can happen over the phone or via mail. This prevents others to claim your business listing as their own. 
    • Make sure to ask people to review your business on Google, because this is where they show up. This will add social proof and strong behavioral signals for the ranking algorithms as well as other users to vet your business online. 
    • Once you have finished setup and verification of GMB, make sure to keep it up to date with your upcoming events, sales, discounts, product releases, blogs, etc. 
    • Remember to keep uploading content so that it never becomes outdated.

About the Influencer Guest(s):

This week’s Influencer Guest, Fay Fleming, has spent her entire career focused on how to create more success with less struggle! Fay is the Managing Director at The Business Performance Company that helps companies and career professionals through strategy and research achieve more success and live better lives! Fay can be defined as high-energy professional with excellent organizational skills who helps to move initiatives and processes forward by effectively managing people and projects. Seasoned expertise in developing and sustaining high-performing teams. Collaboratively works as a trusted adviser across functions and employee levels to develop innovative yet relevant strategies that generate superior results. Possess a strong track record in respectfully working with C-level executives and board members to affect change.

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