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  • How to Create High-Quality Video Content on a Budget Article by Lilach Bullock via Social Media Today
      • First, you will want to create a video strategy. 
      • Some of the most important aspects of a video strategy include: 
        • The available budget for video content
        • Ideal social media audience
        • Objectives for sharing videos on social media
        • The frequency of sharing videos
        • What kinds of videos you will need to create based on set objectives
      • Use an effective video maker/editing tool. 
        • For simple social media videos, you can use something like adobe spark.
        • Canva, an app that we have discussed on the Influence Factory before, has now allowed for animated social media content. 
        • Adobe Premiere Pro is another good one for high-quality video editing
        • If you are on a Mac, you can use iMovie (FREE)
        • If you are on a Mac and are looking for more tools and capabilities, you can use Final Cut Pro. 
        • A tool like provides a huge video template library that you can edit to make social media videos for your brand.
        • VidMob aims to help businesses scale their video marketing operations by facilitating contact with various experts that can help you create videos
      • Invest in the basics: the video gear you need
        • Digital Camera – to allow for high-quality video
        • Microphone – most built-in microphones do not deliver a high enough quality sound to properly represent a brand. 
        • Tripod – allows you to stabilize your camera when filming
        • Lighting kit – to make sure you have good lighting in your shot that is consistent.
      • Use your smartphone to shoot videos
        • Most smartphones take great videos. These videos are perfect for sharing on social. Probably not enough quality for creating promotional and marketing videos, but still good social media quality. 
        • If you are on an iPhone, you can use iMovie to edit your videos. You can also use a third-party app, like Filmora. 
      • Keep things simple
        • No one is expecting James Cameron-like production quality on social media videos. Most people just want a video that provides them with some value and looks good. 
        • You do not need Hollywood-level quality. 
      • Keep your videos short
        • Most people on social media do not have the patience or the attention span to watch a video that exceeds 2-minutes in length. 
        • Once your video surpasses that 2-minute threshold, you will see video engagement drop exponentially. 

About the Influencer Guest(s):

This week’s Influencer Guest, Kelly Benish is Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Uberall, a leading provider of location content to the databases that power the navigation, search and mapping industry. In her spare time, she blogs and travels – mostly for work. 

Starting in finance and finding her way to the interwebs by chance, Benish has always had a keen eye on networking and learning new business models. Her experience in sales, marketing and business development specialization around media clients spans IYP’s, publishers, newspapers, agencies and vertical industries. Benish has been fortunate enough to work with some highly intelligent people that allowed her to learn from their mistakes and triumphs, she’s been given excellent advice, trained to ask the right questions, taught to know that one’s reputation, word, and integrity are everything.

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