How to Convert LinkedIn Connections to NEW Clients

~5 Steps to Monetize Your Network~

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Webinar Description:

If you have ever received a referral for a job or new business, you know how critical your online personal brand can be. People are only a click away from choosing you or moving on. Whatever the case may be, many times you will never know.

Learn from the best who have built thousands of profiles and helped thousands learn how to get their personal brand known. Dean DeLisle and the Social Jack™ Team have put together a quick and easy-to-follow recipe to get on the right track and make sure that people click on you when making that critical choice for a professional.

We Discussed: 

  • The definition of B2B Influencer Marketing
  • How to jump ahead of the competition
  • The true power of your network
  • Your 5 important next Key Steps

Materials Discussed: 

What is a “Flash Class”?

We take important actionable education and condense it to be consumed in less than 30 minutes using a webinar format. These classes are designed so when you leave, you can take the immediate next steps to accelerate your digital influence in the world. 

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