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  • 7 Tips for Going Live on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter
    • Add valueWhen going live, it helps if you are offering something of value to your audience.
      • What are your key takeaways?
      • You should have an idea of what some of their key takeaways will be.
    • Plan as much as you canIf you get nervous about going live, plan out what you will say.
      • This will also help with planning on how to add value to your audience.
      • You do not need to plan it out word-for-word, just an outline
    • Tell a storyIf you get stuck trying to plan or outline your live video, go back to basics and tell a story.
      • Make sure that your story has a clear beginning, middle, and end.
      • This is the simplest way to organize your thoughts.
    • Other suggestions…
      • Go live with a friend, Take a class or work with a coach, Test your connection, Be flexible
  • How to Use Hashtags for Efficient Marketing
    • How hashtags work:
      • “A hashtag is a metadata tag frequently used on social media platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. to categorize content and make it easier to find other posts with a similar subject.” [definition from]
    • As Social Media becomes more and more relevant, more people are using hashtags to search for relevant content. Brands should know how to take advantage of this:
      • Common Hashtags tend to drive more “long-term” traffic.
      • Brand Hashtags will help to increase brand awareness.
      • Campaign Hashtags will encourage backlinks
        • Make sure to create a hashtag when you launch a new campaign. Ideally the hashtag should be named after the campaign, or similar to it.
      • Another good rule of thumb, when coming up with a campaign or brand hashtag, make sure that it is simple, unique, and easy-to-remember.

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  • Telling YOUR Story (HOT TIPS!)

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