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  • LinkedIn Cuts Off Email Address Exports with New Privacy Settings – Article by Josh Constine [source = TechCrunch]
    • Back in November of 2018, LinkedIn updated their privacy settings to help keep user information more secure.
    • When they made this update, it removed the ability to export the email addresses of your connections.
    • LinkedIn was very quiet about rolling out these new settings which defaults to blocking other users from exporting your email address. Most users didn’t even know about it.
    • LinkedIn confirmed to TechCrunch that this new setting allows their users to have more control over who can download their email.
    • This setting can be found under
      • Settings & Privacy -> Privacy -> “Who Can See My Email Address?”
    • What does all of this mean? This means that you will not be able to export your connection’s email addresses unless they have changed the default setting.
    • After I read this article, I checked out LinkedIn’s Help Page to see if there is a way around this setting.
    • The closest thing to a solution, without using a third-party tool, is to fill out LinkedIn’s Data Access Request Form. However, this still does not guarantee that you will be able to download the emails.

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