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  • 4 Ways Social Media Videos Can Benefit Your Business
    • Engagement
      • You could be generating great content (Photos, Videos, Infographics, etc.), but it doesn’t matter unless you are using the content to engage your audience.
      • You need to start the conversation, otherwise, your content will be lost in the thread.
    • Brand Awareness
      • Brand awareness is one of the most difficult things to measure. However, if you have multiple people sharing your content, especially video, you are more likely to increase brand awareness.
    • Increasing Web Traffic
      • Supposedly, web traffic is the #1 reason that marketers are utilizing video in social media ads this year.
      • This is mainly used for advertising purposes on social, but the same goes for posting content. This is especially true if you are driving them back to your website or a landing page in the video. 
    • Generating excitement and educating people about products/services
      • Social Media Videos allow you to show off a new product or service. For example, on Twitter, you get 280 characters (per tweet) to get your message across. If you were to use a video, you have more to work with in order to get your message to your followers.

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  • Humanize Your Brand

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